How to Make Wi-Fi 3G and 4G Antenna for Mobile and Laptop at Home

how to make wifi 3g and 4g antenna for mobile and laptop at home in this video you can make long range powerful 2g,3g,4g, 4g LTE, wifi wireless antenna at home
its very easy to make. you need some ingredients

1: iron wire from clothes stand / wire coat hanger,( 2-4 mm iron wire)
2: two piece extend electric cable connector block
3: common cable TV cable / coaxial cable / satellite TV cable, 30 meter good quality coaxial cable
4: wire cutter
5: pliers
6: screw driver, 3-6 mm phillips screw drive and slot screw driver.
now see full video and make it same 3g and 4g LTE signal antenna.
in this video you can see how to connect antenna with laptop or mobile. or how to connect wifi antenna to laptop or mobile