ඔබේ පැරණි පෙම්වතා හෝ පෙම්වතිය ගැන ඔබ තවමත් FB එකෙන් හොයනවා ද ? මේ ලිපිය ඔබටමයි


Stalking your exes on Facebook is bad for your mental health
It's harder than ever in 2015 to go through a tough breakup. For some reason, there's a compulsion to stalk your ex on social media - a compulsion which has now been comprehensively analysed by psychologists.

Jesse Fox and Robert Tokunaga surveyed 431 university students (150 male, 281 female) who'd experienced a breakup in the past year where both of the former partners were on Facebook. They were asked a series of questions about attachment, investment, commitment, distress, and post-breakup stalking on social media.

The results, published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking, showed that the more distressing the breakup, the more post-breakup stalking (or "interpersonal electronic surveillance", as the researchers call it) took place - particularly for those who didn't initiate the breakup. It also had a knock-on effect in terms of monitoring of current partners.